Mon Amie Paddles

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Mon Amie Paddles
PO Box 870
16378W Stress Road
Hayward, WI 54843

Custom-crafted Hardwood PaddlesCanoe Paddle Scene

A paddle is a personal thing. It reflects the dreams, desires and expectations of its owner. Whatever the use, each paddle must be crafted to meet the test and perform its duties without fail. A paddle must work to gain the trust of the user. When called upon, it must respond.

Whether it's getting through a fast set of rapids, covering fifty miles in one day, mixing the best beer in history or eliciting emotional yearnings simply by hanging on a wall, a paddle is given a lot of responsibility.

Our paddles are custom-crafted for your needs, your dreams and your expectations. The care given to their creation is exemplified by this quote from Sigurd Olson's book Listening Point: "As I worked on the was like making a new friend, developing the first intimations of the loyalty and steadfastness of the future. By giving all I could now, I made sure that in the days to come it would be a part of me and when my muscles strained, those long-fibered grains of ash would strain with me."

We invite you to look over our line of paddles. It is our hope that you will find a "new friend" among them and that this new friend will become a trusted old friend.

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